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Corporate Law

The legislation governing the incorporation of businesses in Alberta is the Province’s Business Corporations Act. Venture Law Group LLP regularly assists corporate clients ranging from sole proprietorships to large businesses. Our lawyers provide advice and assistance for corporate matters ranging from simple to complex. The types of corporate services we provide include assistance with incorporation, Unanimous Shareholder Agreements, restructuring, reorganization, sale of businesses, filing of Annual Returns and changes in Shareholders and Directors.

Venture Law Group LLP can assist you with all corporate law matters.

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Personal Injury

Personal injuries may be suffered from various types of accidents: motor vehicle collisions, accidents at work, slip and falls, dog attacks, and other situations where someone else did something wrong or was unreasonably careless in a way that caused you harm.  If you were injured, you may seek compensation from whoever caused or contributed to those losses.  You did not choose to be injured but it is up to you to take legal action and pursue a personal injury claim and choose the right lawyer.

The goal of a personal injury claim is to ensure that the injured person receives full and fair compensation for all the losses resulting from the accident.  However, the answer to the question how much your personal injury claim is worth might not always be straightforward or simple as every case is different and depends on many factors.  The severity of your injuries, the cost of medical care and other expenses, and numerous other factors must be considered and assessed before engaging in settlement negations.  You should seek advice from a lawyer experienced in personal injury law in order to obtain proper consultation.

Venture Law Group LLP can assist with all types of personal injury claims. If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, it is in your best interest to speak with a lawyer before talking to an insurance agent.

Be prepared with the Personal Injury Form. Click to Download!

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Divorce is governed by the Divorce Act, which is federal legislation. Most matters between separating and divorcing spouses are dealt with under this legislation. The Divorce Act sets out your rights and obligations as a parent and a spouse. Property division for divorcing spouses is dealt with under the Matrimonial Property Act, which is Provincial legislation specific to Alberta.

Venture Law Group LLP can assist you in all situations with the resolution of the issues arising from your marriage breakdown.

Be prepared with the Pre-Appointment Checklist. Click to download!

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Family Law

The law in Alberta has recently changed with the new Family Law Act. This provincial legislation sets out the rights of people in common law or adult interdependent partner relationships. Adult interdependent partners are governed by the Adult Interdependent Relationships Act which defines an adult interdependent partner.

The Family Law Act applies in cases of a separation between two parties that are not married. The legislation deals with your rights as a parent, as an interdependent partner, and some property rights. Venture Law Group LLP can assist you with all types of applications brought under this legislation.

Be prepared with the Pre-Appointment Checklist. Click to download!

Click here to view Federal Child Support Amounts: Simplified Tables. 

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Wills and Estates

Several pieces of legislation are currently in force in Alberta which directly effect the area of wills and estates, including the Wills and Succession Act, the Personal Directives Act and Power of Attorney Act.

Venture Law Group LLP can assist clients in the drafting of Wills, Personal Directives, Powers of Attorney and Enduring Powers of Attorney. Additionally, we have expertise in a variety of dependent adult matters and can provide advice related to guardianship and trusteeship.

Venture Law Group LLP can provide assistance with all matters related to wills and estates.

Residential Real Estate

Whether you are selling or buying a house, Venture Law Group LLP’s expertise in the area of real estate can be a true asset to you. The key to any real estate transaction is the contract between seller and purchaser, which creates binding obligations regarding the sale or purchase of a residential property. Venture Law Group LLP supports our clients through every step of the buying or selling process, from reviewing contracts, to preparing mortgage documents received from your bank or lender, to dealing with the Land Titles Office, and everything in between.

See our current prices for real estate transactions. Click here to download.

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