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Thank you Venture Law Group! 

We sold our home with the help of Shelley Smith from Venture Law Group. She really is the Lawyer that calls you back. The service she provided was professional, prompt and smooth. Shelley and her team were thorough and answered all of our questions. We felt confident and well taken care of for the sale of our house. 

The transaction was so smooth that after only one visit and a couple of quick conversations during the offer to purchase we were so surprised to see the money in the bank a couple of weeks later at the closing date. Her team at Venture Law handled everything! 

I strongly recomend her for legal expertise. She has a loyal client in us. She even did my will! 

Thank you Shelley Smith! 

-Ophie de Guzman R.Ac, Registered Acupunturist

Acupunture Health Centre

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how much I appreciate everything you do for me and for my clients.


You have and are always available to me when I call you for legal advise on a client file no matter if you are actively working with my clients or not. Your advice has enabled me to provide my clients with that extra service that differentiates me from my coworkers, and in the competitive mortgage industry that can make the difference on whether or not I can be successful.


My clients have commented on how they appreciated the fact that you have actually taken the time to meet with them in person or over the phone to go over the fine print of their mortgage contract, ensuring that they clearly understand what they are getting into and signing. My clients have also commented how they appreciate the advice and knowledge that you provided to ensure that their biggest investment is secured in way, such as co-habitation agreements and wills and estate planning.


Shelley, I would never hesitate to refer you to any of my family members, client of potential client. I would be more than happy to provide you with a verbal or written reference any time you may be required to provide one.


Thank you and truly you are the Lawyer that returns her phone calls! 

-Nadia De Venz, Mortgage Planner

River City Financial Your Mortgage Architects

Shelley, you have been an INVALUABLE referral partner! I cannot think of anyone I would feel more comfortable referring someone to. You are skilled lawyer, but in addition your kindness and compassion are unmatched. You genuinely care about your clients and ensuring that things go smoothly while protecting your clients interests.

In addition to exemplary work as an lawyer, you have also been an great community partner. You have never missed an opportunity to share your time and talents. You have hosted FYI sessions at our centre and gave seniors at our centre an opportunity to explore often deeply personal topics in straightforward, non-judgemental, compassionate manner.

I cannot think of anyone I would feel more comfortable referring a senior to than you. Your integrity and direct yet compassionate nature make both an excellent Lawyer and a wonderful confidant and sounding board.

Thank you for everything Shelley!

-Celeste Nicholson, Home Services Coordinator
South East Edmonton Seniors Association

Ken. IMG_7829.jpg

I have an office in the same building and use them for all of my real estate transactions. I am a licensed realtor and have never had any issues with Ken and the folks at Venture Law Group LLP.

-Aaleem Jiwa

My clients could not be happier with the services Shelley Smith with Venture Law provided.  My clients had to travel out of country at a last-minute notice, needing a consent travel letter allowing children to travel without the other parent to be notarized.  

Shelley understood the time sensitivity of the request.  Not only did Shelley open up her schedule to meet with the clients last minute, she also did her work promptly and didn't charge for all the extra time to advise about document preparation requirements prior to the meeting.  

My clients were very happy with Shelley's work and thanked her for a job well done.

She "IS" the lawyer who will call you back!!!

- Wendy Sung, Kayton Travel

I was introduced to Shelley when I joined BNI.  Not long after, I purchased a house.  This was the third property that I had purchased as a home, so the third lawyer I had dealt with for my real estate needs.  The previous lawyers did not make an impression on me and I did not return to their services.

What was different about Shelley is that she sat down with my husband and I and went page by page through the documents we needed to sign.  She explained all the jargon and legalese in a language we could understand and stopped to clarify when we had a question.  She answered all the questions we had and I felt like I understood what we were doing.  The entire process went smoothly and without a hitch, just like she promises up front.  Over the subsequent years I have known her, I have been impressed with Shelley's trustworthiness, honesty and integrity and I would highly recommend her as a real estate lawyer.


- Rebecca Lippiatt

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